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As both a fine artist and a graphic designer,
I specialize in the visual presentation of words.

~ John Langdon

I am a graphic designer that lives and works in the heart of Long Island, in the shadow of New York City. I have the knowledge and experience to produce in a variety of materials designed for print, package design, and for the web.

Graphic Design is a complicated art form. A designer must know how to evenly balance the design space, pick the right fonts for the design, select colors that are going to compliment the design, while creating something that will work for the client's intended purposes. This is not always an easy task. Having worked in the graphic design field for over 20 years, I have learned many skills that have served me well in conveying my client's messages clearly.

I also understand the print industry. Not every graphic designer has the knowledge or experience needed to have the design printed. This is an important thought in the production of any design.

Creativity cannot be taught, it is a gift that many posses in different forms. In addition to graphic design, I have studied fine art at the colleges I attended. I have studied drawing, painting, black & white photography, sculpture, in additional to computer graphics and web design.

When I am not designing, I am an active member of my community. I have been a volunteer firefighter for over two decades. I am a member of my children’s school PTA, assisting with several school functions, including painting a mural at one of the schools. I am a member of the local civic association, speaking out on behalf of my neighbors on issues that affect our community. I am also involved in my children’s soccer team as an assistant coach.